I have plugged the line but it says "unplugged"

  Ajzone 01:43 28 Oct 2008

plz help plz plz

i have two computer one is desktop and other one is laptop...the main computer is desktop,, it has cable connection,,and we had networking on other comp(laptop)..everything was going cooo,,but after it,, the internet dont work in laptop..and in desktop comp it sayd"network unplugged" even though it is plugged and light is on the port....i cant even access to files on other comp also,,so plzzzzzz say wat to do plz

  mgmcc 08:10 28 Oct 2008

"Network Cable Unplugged" usually means:

- The cable isn't plugged in properly at one end or the other.

- The port has failed at one end or the other.

- The ethernet cable is faulty.

- The wrong type of cable has been used - when connecting two computers directly, a "crossover" cable is used; when connecting a computer to a Hub/Switch/Router a "straight-wired" cable is used.

- If connecting two computers directly with a "crossover" cable, the network adapter in the remote computer has been "Disabled" in the Network Connections folder.

  Ajzone 12:07 28 Oct 2008

i know all that,,, mah problem is that the comp displays "network unplugged" even though i have plugged to correct port,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  mgmcc 20:02 28 Oct 2008

<<< i know all that >>>

Great! Then there's no point in my trying to offer any further help.

  ambra4 01:46 29 Oct 2008

Check the Lan card setting is correct

click here

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