I have non BIOS screen on my DELL INSPIRON 1525

  RANOSO 16:10 08 Jul 2012


My Windows boots well but i have no bios screen .

How do i repaire it ?

  woody 16:30 08 Jul 2012

The warning/advice bios screen can be switched off but you can still use the "F" key.When you get in the bios - switch it back on if you want it.

  KRONOS the First 16:41 08 Jul 2012

Since I plugged in a second monitor neither do I but as my PC boots just fine then I cannot see what the problem is.

  RANOSO 18:13 08 Jul 2012

Hi woody,

I dont know if i understand you but there are not BIOS screen at all when i turn on this DELL INSPIRON 1525.

My Windows boots fine but i never can see the BIOS screen .

May you explain me again your solution please?

  woody 21:09 08 Jul 2012

Although the "warning" screen does not appear - press the correct key -F1- or what ever at the right time and i think you will find it will take you into the bios.

  woody 21:20 08 Jul 2012

If you do not know your key(s) look at this page http://www.tech-faq.com/how-to-access-bios.html

  lotvic 21:52 08 Jul 2012

On a DELL INSPIRON 1525 the first screen you should see is the DELL logo and then Windows Boots up.

If you want to go into the BIOS Setup then it might tell you on the screen with the DELL logo which key to press. Usually for a DELL laptop use the Fn+ESC or Fn+F1 keys to access the BIOS set up. You only get a few seconds to press the keys.

Are you wanting to go into the BIOS Setup to alter the settings for some reason?

  ams4127 22:14 08 Jul 2012

You should never see your BIOS screen.

If you do, you've got a problem.

  RANOSO 00:36 09 Jul 2012

I see never my DELL Screen (LOGO) neither first screen of Windows.

I have directly the final screen of windows after 15 to 20 seconds. And non of function key help me.

If i press F2 Key when booting , i have nothing more and i suppose that there are a BIOS screen that i can't see.

  woody 01:33 09 Jul 2012

lets start from scratch. By bios screen - you mean the screen which states - press key (?) now to open bios? (XX)You can not see that screen but it is only a screen with notes on it. When your pc starts one of the keys will take you to the bios setup. Even though you can not see the screen at (XX) above the key still works. You do need to get in bios?It is not for the unskilled - a false move and you will not get your pc to work with out help! What ever you key is -do you know it? - press it and keep tapping it .

  RANOSO 02:47 09 Jul 2012

Could a virus infect the bios?

If yes , how should i update it ? Because i can't see my first screens.

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