I have a missing something.

  tulix 18:59 08 Oct 2003

For awhile now when i boot up i have had a missing file of sort.C:\windows\system32\system32.exe any ideas folks.Running xp-pro

  powerless 19:06 08 Oct 2003

There is no file system32.exe.

Either you need to go to the opticians to get your eyes tested or you have or have had a virus.

Do you have a virus scanner?

Free online click here check Free AV click here

You could go to start, run, type:


Click ok.

Edit, Find..., type:


Delete all found entries, OF ONLY system32.exe

But before you do that Export the registry, File, Export, Choose a name, Save.

Any problems then double click the saved file...To start again.

Also press Ctrl - Alt - Delete and END PROCESS on any (if any) Processes of system32.exe.

  powerless 19:08 08 Oct 2003

p.s. keep tapping F3 to find more entries of system32.exe if there are any.

  Wak 19:09 08 Oct 2003

Suggest you put the file name in Google as I believe it is a virus.

  JFT 19:09 08 Oct 2003

You have the W.32 Blaster worm

click here to get rid of it!

  tulix 19:32 08 Oct 2003

Thanks for you help.Sorted it out now And yes i do have a virus checker and use it every time i boot up my comp.This was a genuine query to which i did not know the answer to.When indeed my comp says cannot find this certain item i intern belive it to be a file. Being a novice of this sort of thing.I do not however After posting a query did not ask for an eye test has suggested by powerless.I just want advise on computers and not health matters.Tulix

  powerless 19:35 08 Oct 2003

Errrmmm it was a joke :-(

  The Spires 19:39 08 Oct 2003

click here Have a look here

  tulix 19:39 08 Oct 2003

Sorry powerless it must be my Hormones.

  Jester2K II 20:14 08 Oct 2003

Use Autoruns to check whats starting with the PC.

Find the C:\windows\system32\system32.exe entry, highlight and click the delete (red X) button.

click here

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