I have lost my life's worth of music, pictures etc please help

  Harry1992 11:50 18 Dec 2014


I brought a new lenovo laptop (windows 8.1) a while a go and transferred all my music, pictures etc. from my desktop PC to the new laptop.

I got a virus the other day on my laptop and decided to carry out a factory reset because the virus was so hard to get rid of and didn't back up the files because they are stored on my PC also.

3% through the factory reset I decided to double check my PC was still working fine and in absolute typical fashion the PC is completely dead so I turned the laptop off and on hoping that I could still get on to windows to retrieve the files but I cannot and I still haven't finished the factory reset hoping that I can get the files back through an external usb device.

I took my hard-drive out of my laptop today and linked it to my work laptop with a USB device (I think it's called a SATA) but I could only see a tiny portion of my 1TB hard drive and I believe they are just the original files.

Has anybody got any ideas? I could take it to a PC repair shop but if anyone is aware of an easy solution here, it could save me money and worry (there's no way of knowing that they are legit tech engineers and being in the east end of London with a massive black market I don't know what they are going to do with my hard drive in terms of private info, bank card details etc)


  john bunyan 12:28 18 Dec 2014

It would be worth trying Recuva - see


If you install it on another PC it should find the files on your laptop HD.

Sorry to rub salt in the wound, but where was your data backup?

  Jollyjohn 12:38 18 Dec 2014


There are two issues here, let us deal with them separately.

First - even though your old pc has stopped working your files will still be on the hard drive in that computer.

The most straightforward option is to repair the Lenovo laptop and then remove the PC hard drive and copy everything across.

Restart the Lenovo and allow it to complete the reset process.. Add an antivirus program, allow Windows updates, once sable we will look to copy stuff onto it.

Back to the dead PC - open it up and remove the hard drive. Connect it via the USB device you mention to your work laptop and you should be able to see all your files.

  [DELETED] 20:27 18 Dec 2014

Unless the cause of the dead PC is a dead HDD and Harry hasn't described the exact problem when the PC is switched on.

Hopefully not though and the PC HDD will be OK.

Note that the PC HDD might need a different SATA or IDE adapter with power supply to have a look.

  lotvic 23:49 18 Dec 2014

You could hook up the old PC hard drive to your works pc to see if it's still okay and has your copy of your files on it.

  mole1944 06:08 19 Dec 2014

Go get yourself a clickfree backup system to use in the future or something like acronis to do a backup copy of your complete drive. you should have a backup copy of all your files, you should not have all your eggs in one basket i.e. not backed up. I have 73,757 music tracks all legal thats 312.77Gb of data i back it up four times,paranoid maybe safe yes.

  Nontek 22:05 19 Dec 2014
  Jollyjohn 11:25 20 Dec 2014

Good morning Harry1992, How are you getting on? Your data is still on the old drive and does not need to be "Recovered", simply copied off once you have a working laptop to copy it too. Popping out now, will look back later for an update.

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