I Have A Keylogger. HELP!!!

  Inx 18:01 23 Feb 2006

Hi, i have noticed a little envolove icon in the corner of my screen every 2-3 hours and i sometimes got a message a appear saying

"failed to send LOG report of CHELL{lewis} to the following email address. [email protected]"

i was convinced it was a keylogger and did a norton system scan. i found it. it was called


i feel unsafe with this obviosly, norton antivirus gace me the option to delete the keylogger, i said yes but norton failed to delete it for some reason. i have no idea how to delete it, if you have ANY ideas please post, wouldnt hurt to try any suggestions.

Thank You. Inx.

  Inx 18:05 23 Feb 2006

i have a picture of norton virus findings, it has the program highlighted as failed delete.

if it helps uoi understand what im talking about i can send it.

thanks again.

  mattyc_92 18:10 23 Feb 2006

Try booting into safe mode and scanning again (reboot your computer and keep tapping F8 until you get the options "Safe Mode", "Normal Mode", etc.. and select Safe Mode)

  martjc 18:14 23 Feb 2006

...A2 will handle most of these little buggers. click here\

  skidzy 18:20 23 Feb 2006

Inx...Run Ewido from here... click here

  Inx 18:21 23 Feb 2006

why scan in safe mode, whats the difference?

sorry im an amatuer in viruses and stuff.

  skidzy 18:23 23 Feb 2006

Also you might think about putting Microsoft's Defender on your system or Spyware blaster...or as ive done both.

All you will ever need from here....click here

  007al 18:25 23 Feb 2006

When in safe mode,youre only using the programs you need,so anything you want to delete wont be running

  Inx 18:26 23 Feb 2006

i tried a2 free but i couldnt find the download link. so im currently installing ewido.


  curlylad 18:29 23 Feb 2006


It infects the following folders:-
C:\Program Files\Soft-Central

C:\Program Files\Soft-Central\SC-KeyLog

In the above folders remove any or all of these if present








If that does not work then try in safe mode.

  skidzy 18:40 23 Feb 2006

All the above idea's are good,before you go into program files..(unless you are confident)..is to download the programs advised..These below are available from Filehippo.I would say that most on here use them to good effect.


If all fails,try HIJACKTHIS and post the log on
click here

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