I have an intermittent problem with Facebook on PC

  wee eddie 15:38 28 May 2019

I have an intermittent problem with Facebook on my PC. Well most of the time anyway. Occasionally, everything works as normal.

Facebook is fine on my Phone.

When I click on these Buttons ~ "Friend Requests", "Messenger", "Notifications" and the "Play" Button on Movie Clips, I get that little Rotating Circle that signifies Loading/Downloading. No matter how long I leave it, it carries on (30 minutes should have been sufficient). My normal Download Speed is about 50Mbps, so that's not the problem.

Very frustrating. I have tried Logging Out and Logging In again. No luck

Anyone got any ideas

  Govan1x 07:42 29 May 2019

Have you tried updating messenger and facebook to the latest versions.

Oops I know you can do that on an iPone-Pad. Not sure about a PC.

  Govan1x 08:00 29 May 2019

It seems if you download facebook from the Microsoft store it gets updated automatically .

i presume it would be the same for messenger.

  wee eddie 09:14 29 May 2019

I was under the impression that Facebook was a Web Page that one logged into, as opposed to an App/Program that I could open on my PC

  Old Deuteronomy 09:38 29 May 2019

As well as the website there is a Farcebook app for PC.

  Govan1x 10:13 29 May 2019

Have a look in all apps just in case it is already installed.

  oftmarshall678 13:00 29 May 2019

So does that mean you're logging onto Facebook through a browser?

  wee eddie 15:07 29 May 2019

Yes, I'm logging into Facebook through Edge. In fact it's my Home Page.

I have just downloaded the App, but don't like the way it displays, although all the bits appear to work

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