I Have Got Two Questions..

  Dr Lecter 20:59 22 May 2003

(1)- Concerns Floppy Disk Drives.
My Floppy Drive has gone pear shaped. The Disk activity light is on all the time and windows "98SE" is reporting Drive is not acessible.
My BIOS recognises it ok as i am getting an option to boot from floppy or c etc.
PC is saying no boot found with start up disk inserted or not.
I have changed the cable and have double checked that the red stripe is next to the power connector.
If the power connector was duff will i still get the disk activity light?
(2) - Is USB2 compatible with WIN98SE?
Many thanks - John

  jimv7 21:03 22 May 2003

If the light is on all the time turn the cable over and try it that way.

  Djohn 21:05 22 May 2003

Two answers!

Think the cable is the wrong way round.

98se will work with USB2, But only through a PCI card. J.

  Switcher 21:06 22 May 2003

The fact the you are being given the option to boot from the floppy does not mean that the PC recognises your floppy - it is a standard option.

Are you sure that the Floppy power connector is fitted right way round. Also check that the floppy cable is OK at motherboard end.

Can you try a good substitute floppy drive.

  Dr Lecter 21:10 22 May 2003

I will give the above a bash and see what happens.
Will post back when all is hunky dory.

  Dr Lecter 22:05 22 May 2003

I had the cable reversed. It was the case of MOBO RTFM. I thought the pin 1 for the floppy was the same as the IDE. But it wasn't. BIG OOPS.
Thanks to all. I will now tick this as resolved.

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