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I have a good pc but low fps in games pls help

  Cosmin 00:04 05 Feb 2020

Hi, i just buyed an computer, it had win 7 so i install win 10, when i get into any game (low setting) like cs go(counter strike: global offensive) or PUBG( PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) the fps was very low like 20-30 i install all drivers from the graphics card. I tried some ways from internet but didn’t work. I had in the same time discord opened but this is not a big deal for that computer, the specs are very high is supposed to have no problem. I am still trying to fix it for 3 days.

Please help!

Specs: Graphics card: nvidia geforce gtx 1070 8gb Cpu: fx-8350 8 core 4.2ghz Ram:16 gb Ssd:240 or 230 not sure Hdd:2tb Liquid cooler from corsair Other 5 fans I really dont know what to do. Please helpp!!!

If i said something wrong or stupid i am an amateur!

If u need other details text me

  ICF 09:50 06 Feb 2020

Your CPU is nearly 8 yrs old so not cutting edge. So your frame rates could be as good as it gets.

  ICF 09:59 06 Feb 2020

Have a look at this link click here

  Old Deuteronomy 10:26 06 Feb 2020

ICF is right, that CPU wasn't great when it was new to the market, now it is simply not up to the job. If you can afford to do so, upgrade to AMD Ryzen 5 or 7.

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