I have a gaming question.

  Forum Editor 18:56 25 Apr 2004

It will come as no surprise to regular forum users that I am sadly lacking in knowledge where games are concerned. This has been highlighted today by my son, who came for lunch. He has just acquired 'Battlefield Vietnam', and eager to try it has spent fruitless hours attempting to get it to run on his machine.

He has a reasonable well specified computer but can't get the game past the loading stage. He says the game tells him it's loading, there's a loading bar across the bottom of the screen which moves right to the end, some music starts to play and then...........the display flicks back to the Windows desktop.

I'm of no use to him at all - has anyone got any ideas?

  Agent Smith 19:17 25 Apr 2004

Is his graphics card up to the challenge?

  NGE 19:31 25 Apr 2004

try updating graphic drivers. Can you post the pc specs please.

  grabster 19:34 25 Apr 2004

my geforce mx440 gives me the same response but a popup informs me that my card dont have "pixel shading " whatever that is.
more and more games give the same error these days so now im looking into choosing a new card.
Im now finding out future proof means very little when it comes to graphics cards,Ho Hum...

  Graham ® 20:01 25 Apr 2004

Here's a site for the game click here

  ordep 20:19 25 Apr 2004

Tut tut FE. Now you should know better. Post your comp. specks.

Recommended Game requirements;
1.2 Ghz CPU
Directx 9.0b
3D accelerated GeForce3 64 MB or equivalent DirectX9 compatible video card
512 Megabytes of RAM

There is an issue with ATI cards apparently. As a temporary solution,there recommending turning off Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering. If you have an ATI card that is. Is DirectX 9.0b installed.

  Totally-braindead 20:50 25 Apr 2004

I've been considering getting this game but I'm rather put off as a lot of people are having trouble with it, really need the specs for the PC to say more.

  stalion 21:18 25 Apr 2004

posting for help then dissapearing for hours F.E.lol

  powerless 21:31 25 Apr 2004
  woodchip 21:36 25 Apr 2004

As I have gone through this before you may have seen post. To copy CD to Hard Drive Start in Safe Mode and run the setup file. As you know you do not have a CD in safe Mode. but you only have minimal drivers loaded so it may have a chance

  spikeychris 21:45 25 Apr 2004

"(*He*) has just acquired 'Battlefield Vietnam',"....yeah yeah....FE with green beret on head, cam cream on face screaming his war cry at the monitor whist running around with his virtual M16.

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