I have come accross a few problems relating:-

  Giggle n' Bits 13:22 12 Aug 2003

USB Broadband modems used with BT Broadband/ADSL etc.

2 main problems is a conflict with SIS Chipsets on the motherboard only cure by adding a PCI USB card.

other problem is the Intel USB modems and the BT Broadband drivers are very poor, installing the Intel branded USB modem with BT Broadband is/can be a nightmare and BT pass the buck to Intel (Call Intel in Seattle BT Say) or Intel say its BT.

Check out USB Modems at click here and look at the details required for setting up a USB Modem. You are expected to fill in a Worksheet which BT will not give your the settings for there service. I could go on.

Personally NTL Broadband is a reliable service but can start with slight teething installation probs but can be easilly cured via 20min call to Ntl support.

Also to you guys at Ntl support for Broadband. Excellent tech support last time.

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