I have been taken over by YAHOO

  jack 09:11 06 Mar 2008

There was I happily tapping out a response on this forum- Moved the cursor to the spell check button on the FireFox/Google top bar - and it had VANISHED!
along with many other qicklinks to be replaced with YAHOO.
Now I am flummoxed- carnt spewl nuffing, cant seem to get the old desktop back - even a restore to before wont do it.
I am all upset- it has really spoiled my day!
Why did it change anyway -was it somthing I pressed?

  Diodorus Siculus 09:27 06 Mar 2008

Try a system restore to a day or two ago and see what is there.

Don't know why it's changed but don't let it spoil your day :)

  Technotiger 09:29 06 Mar 2008

Go to View>Toolbars you should be able to un-check Yahoo if it is there.

  jack 13:43 06 Mar 2008

Diodorus Siculus
See the above- did the restore - nothing changed.

Tried that already, nuffing.
Will worry later, big jobby on

  jack 08:42 08 Mar 2008

This is a new system - insofar that I put in place a new primary harddrive and reinstalled Windows[XP Pro]
Then copied stuff over from the old drive.
[Not withstanding advice to use a dackup and copy across or do a Clone- none of this was satifactory it seemed ]
So I formatted and started afresh
[The best plan I thought with the thought of the reverse off the old acronym- GoGI[Garbage out/Garbage in- in mind]
However my preferred Browser/E-mail client [Mozilla] will not install on the new system- each attempt- simply crashed and wants to tell MS all about it.
Then I thought- copy the intalled Thunderbird from the old disk- This I did and it worked[Where I have always understood that intalled programs should not work this way because the copy over is incomplete]
Fire Fox did not transfer however it still crashed.
So now I[at last] installed IE7] looks OK.

The quest is though why wioll Mozilla not install?

  Diodorus Siculus 13:38 08 Mar 2008

Time for a fresh install of XP choosing the option to format the drive as you go along.

AS for Yahoo, did you by any chance install CCleaner or the like which adds a yahoo toolbar unless you untick the box?

  jack 10:31 10 Mar 2008

After struggle it want

  Andsome 13:25 10 Mar 2008

The lesson is to carefully read what is on the screen when installing a program. Yahoo are obviously paying other companies large amounts to include their crap in with the program being installed. Only a format and re installation of Windows finally got rid of Yahoo on my computer when I installed their messenger a couple of years ago, at the request of my son when he travelled round the world. The idea was for him to keep in touch easily.

  cruiser2 14:06 10 Mar 2008

I had this problem and have managed to sort it out myself. Had to make sure I had unchecked boxes in different programmes to make sure it did not re-appear in the tool bar.
Is this legal as it may be a from of inertia selling.

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