I have been more than reasonable

  johndrew 11:04 07 Dec 2010

in attempting to update AVG to the 2011 version click here but have reached a point where I am now looking for a competent replacement. I know there are several around but having not used them I would appreciate information on the experience of others.

I am considering Comodo and Avast at this stage but any advice would be welcome.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  Ventad 11:15 07 Dec 2010

We have been using MS security essentials and windows own firewall since we purchased a lap top seems to work very well no problems and does not slow the l/top down. will be changing over the desk top next as this works well.

  johndrew 11:51 07 Dec 2010

Thanks for coming bak everyone. I should have said I am running XP Pro SP3. Presumably MS Security Essentials is still good for this OS, I know it is pretty standard for W7.

  Al94 12:04 07 Dec 2010

I have used Avast for several years now with no problems at all

  johndrew 12:05 07 Dec 2010

I must admit I gave up Ad-Aware some time ago as I found it had gone the way of many anti-malware packages and become over zealous (if that's the right term).

I currently use Spyware Terminator and the PC Tools firewall both of which I find good. I also have SpywareBlaster click here which is a good blocker.

My current problem is that all attempts to update to AVG 2011 have failed and AVG 9.5 no longer wishes to update - presumably AVG have now withdrawn support as they indicated.

  LastChip 12:05 07 Dec 2010

AVG have totally screwed up their offering.

I've used it for years on Windows machines and recommended it to others, but the latest version is approaching Norton in its bloat and propensity to slow the machine to a crawl.

The old software saying of; "do one thing, and do it well" seems to no longer apply.

It looks like Avast may be a good alternative.

Fortunately, on Linux I don't need or use any of it.

  Graham. 12:59 07 Dec 2010

AVG Forum click here

  woodchip 14:23 07 Dec 2010

I use Free Avast on all my Personal PC's never had a problem with it

  johndrew 14:27 07 Dec 2010

I agree with LastChip, it is a shame as I have used AVG consistently since getting a PC.

Graphicool1. I have tried fully uninstalling 9.5 and downloading/installing 2011 with similar results (see my original post and link). I shall e-mail them but from past experience doubt I shall get any joy. It has been a month now since I began experiencing problems and others had already done so. AVG have a disaster on their hands but don't appear to be able to correct it.

Graham. Was there any particular thread you were referring to or the fact that many have similar problems to me?

cocteau48. Yes I have had dealings with their support in the past and it doesn't inspire confidence. A great shame because up to now the product has been good.

Still looking forward to experience of other AVs which may replace AVG.

  alB 16:41 07 Dec 2010

Like others I binned AVG in favour of Avast free, works well for me ...alB

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:46 07 Dec 2010

Dumped AVG at v6 and moved to Avast,
with XP you need a third party firewall, ZoneAlarm wouldn't play with my network and so moved to Sygate but Comodo just as good.

Add Defender as a realtime scanner, back it up with free Malwarebytes and SpywareBlaster your pretty well covered.

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