I Have Been Infected By a Wierd Virus

  Ex0rc1sm 23:38 25 Apr 2018

I have accidentally ran a program which installed a bunch of ads on my computer I have deleted them that was not a problem. But these wierd things keep happening like for example sometimes a file appears on my desktop without me knowing and it contains some wierd text, or sometimes I get a windows explorer pop ups for uploading files to some wierd sites I dont even know about. I did not have an antivirus installed when I launched the program. So I have decided to go ahead and Install one but everytime I search for anything related to an antivirus my browser crashes without an error. I have fetched a download link with jdownloader and I have downloaded an install exe for an antivirus however when i try to run it it launches but when I proceed to the installation it crashes. Im do not know what to do should I just do a clean reinstall? However I do not want to do it as I have over a 1tb of files on my computer currently. I have noticed a strange program in my processes in my task manager. Its called element.exe but whenever I end the process I get a pop up that windows ran into an critical error and will have to restart in 1 minute.When it restarts the element.exe is back there again. I have a file saved that just popped up on my desktop its a .css file full of code i could maybe upload it If that would be required. Also in my task managers there is a processe for a sql server which is probably part of the virus.

  wee eddie 00:22 26 Apr 2018

I'm at work at the present but, if I remember rightly McAfee have a free Stinger which works over your normal AV.

You also need to download and run Malwarebytes

  Ex0rc1sm 00:38 26 Apr 2018


I have managed to install Avast Antivirus and as I suspected "element.exe" was a virus.

Avast has taken care of that one however the problem with my browser still persists.

Whenever I try to search for something related to an antivirus my browser crashes.

I am curennt installing Malware Bytes as Wee Eddie suggested and running a full pc scan with avast. (Currenly at 30%)

Will post back results.

  wee eddie 01:08 26 Apr 2018

Once you've done that. Download CCleaner Free and run that. You can use its Registry cleaner

  wiganken2 08:36 26 Apr 2018

You can get free one-time find & fix online virus scans. ESET does one. click here There are others who also do these free scans. Just search for "online virus scan" omitting the quotes.

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