I have a baffling sound problem.

  edenworkshops 19:30 02 Nov 2012


For some time my PC sound had become distorted and impossible to listen to.

I had been putting the PC sound output through a seperate stereo amplifier which is what I first suspected, so I replaced the stereo with a set of PC desktop speakers with a built in amplifier...and I still had the distortion problem, which pointed to the onboard sound card.

So I got a cheap PCI sound card and installed it.

For a week or so everything was fine, but then it slowly began to distort again until now when its as bad as before.

Any ideas please?

Thank you.


  rdave13 20:05 02 Nov 2012

I'm suspicious of your PSU failing - but slowly. You don't mention your OS or PC.

Try disconnecting every usb peripheral you have, then boot up and try playing CDs or web sounds again. Run for a few hours via CD or DVD and/ or something like YouTube. If all ok then I suggest a new PSU.

  edenworkshops 21:07 02 Nov 2012

By PSU do you mean Power Supply Unit, the PC is about 3 years old.

I cant disconnect every usb device, I have a usb keyboard and mouse.

Is that a problem?

Thank you.


  edenworkshops 21:16 02 Nov 2012

Sorry I forgot to add.

I am running win xp


  rdave13 21:29 02 Nov 2012

Do not disconnect keyboard and mouse if USB. If you have ps/2 connections at the back, do you have the original keyboard and mouse to connect using the ps/2 connections? Only disconnect usb mouse/keyboard when PC off. Connect ps/2 mouse/keyboard when PC off then reboot. Make sure no other peripheral, such as a USB hub/printer/webcam, etc, is connected. See if that makes any difference to your sound output.

  edenworkshops 13:54 03 Nov 2012


I did as you said and disconnected the mouse and keyboard when the PC was off, and reconnected with a ps2 mouse and keyboard, all other usb devices were disconnected.

I rebooted and tried a movie, but the sound was still distorted and broken.


  rdave13 14:43 03 Nov 2012

As it's a new card I don't think it's a connection problem. Doubt it is a driver problem as it gets gradually worse over time. You could try updating the driver though. Nothing happening like freezing or rebooting randomly at times?

  edenworkshops 08:07 05 Nov 2012

I will try to find a driver for the sound card....how do I install it...does it come as an .exe?

No freezing or random rebooting.

I have quite long periods, say 10 minutes when the sound is fine, then it distorts for a minute, then goes back to normal.



  rdave13 09:30 05 Nov 2012

The only thing I can think of is that there might be a poor connection somewhere inside the PC and causes interference now and again. Worth checking all connections are sound.

Is there a pattern to this distortion? Long shot, but could be something running, like a freezer or fridge, cutting in and creating interference. Otherwise I'm stumped.

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