i have adware.i get things called bargains. & lops

  sammy44 15:54 05 Mar 2005

i also have a program called adware. we have be sufferign from some viruses. every time we do thsi scan it comes up with an 1 and lop next to it. i dont no how to get rid of it. and some time i get prgram added to mt tempory file with out me knowing.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:03 05 Mar 2005

Do you mean you have a program called adaware and you have adware on your computer hence the software and stuff on your computer that was installed.

Hvae you got any programs like kazza or bearshare?

Well i recommend you click here and download microsoft antyi-spyware and remove anything it finds.

It is free


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:08 05 Mar 2005

LOP read this thread click here

Nellie2 post 12:42

  sammy44 16:13 05 Mar 2005

well it is a prgram that we put on there to scan our computer. it comes up with about 60 thing every time. some are called tracking, bargains and hotkeys

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:17 05 Mar 2005

You should remove them,

Or do they keep coming up?

Have you tried my link MS anti-spyware is better than ad aware.

  sammy44 16:22 05 Mar 2005

no i havent not yet. they keep coming. the thing is if i remove soem of them it say you will have to restart your comp. last time i din this (1 week ago) it corrupted our compt

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:33 05 Mar 2005

Okay you will need to remove these programs but to try and stop these programs at startup click start,run then type 'MSCONFIG' but without the '

Now tick the box that says 'diagnostic startup'

And restart the computer.

Then try and remove them using my link or ad aware.

If this does not work click start,run then type 'C:\Program Files' (without ') then click ok.

See if you can find any bargain related folders and delete them.

  sammy44 16:37 05 Mar 2005

okay thank you i will try that. i wont loose not data or program that i need will i?

  Gongoozler 16:40 05 Mar 2005

When you do an AdAware scan, untick the "Search for negligible risk entries" box. This will stop it removing trivial items that are doing no harm. Some malware can hide in your "System Restore" folder, so disabling that before a scan will stop them coming back, but it will also remove any restore points.

  sammy44 16:48 05 Mar 2005

o i see. cause when it say eg 4 neligable object i normally delet them because i though they were bad.

  sammy44 16:56 05 Mar 2005

i have a ss of a virus that has just came up. how do i show you it? and ijust did a adware scan and i have a ss of that to. there is a new one called flash back

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