I have to activate WXP every log on???

  colcol 17:13 05 Oct 2004

my desktop runs windows xp home. it has developed a quirk in that, for no apparent reason, it makes me activate windows xp over the net before allowing me to boot the computer and access windows.

I have installed service pack 2 but that was a couple of weeks before this problem started.

any suggestions on how to stop this would be appreciated.

  DiddyBoy 17:39 05 Oct 2004

Try this link....

click here;en-us;811632&Product=winxp

In case that doesn't work, it advises you to install hotfix 811632

Hope that helps....

PS. If that doesn't help, then maybe this one will

click here;en-us;305356&Product=winxp

  OwenLotts 17:42 05 Oct 2004
  colcol 19:30 05 Oct 2004

owen - thanks for your suggestion.

i followed this link which seems to recommend installing service pack 2. I installed this a fortnight ago and re-installed it tonight. this has not solved the problem.

am I missing something?

  colcol 19:29 18 Oct 2004

I still have not solved this problem.

every time I boot my pc, running windows xp home, I cannot access windows without activating the w xp home op system.

short of re-formatting the hard disk, any more suggestions on how to solve this problem. I have already installed service pack 2.

any help appreciated.

  JoeC 19:49 18 Oct 2004

helps. It is Microsoft's page on activation and mentions Hotfix 811632 as above.

click here

  JoeC 19:51 18 Oct 2004

It is the

wpa.dbl file

which should be copied avoid reactivation of XP

Does not really cure the problem though.

  hssutton 19:59 18 Oct 2004

A similar problem to what I had about three weeks ago.

In my case this was almost immediately after installing SP 2. After several reactivations via the internet, I was suddenly confronted with "activate immediately" but would not let me get onto the internet, so this required a phone call.

This happened for the next 3 days. In desperation I reformatted. Since then all has been well

  colcol 19:33 19 Oct 2004

I still have this problem ands hotfix 811632 does not solve it.

my second computer, an ibm thinkpad which I only use when travelling, has developed the same fault. I have not booted it since installing service pack 2 'til today. guess what, I cannot get into window (W XP Home) without activating windows.

since this machine can only access web over dial up I was realistally forced to reformat hard drive and reinstall op system and service pack2.
this seems to have solved problem.

howevert, with desktop with many complex programs, I am loathe to reformat except if absolutely forced to.

any more suggestions on solving this problem pse.

  961 19:48 19 Oct 2004

why not e-mail Microsoft uk for help?

  colcol 17:11 21 Oct 2004

I have tried to email ms uk for help but it seems that unless I pay £29 plus vat, I cant get through to them.

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