i have 3 laptops and i need to get back into them

  Latinmami6972 03:41 01 Nov 2018

i have 3 laptops and one i forgot the password the login on the screen,and the 2nd one someone called me on the phone saying they were from Microsoft and i had a virus on my laptop so i needed to enter all these letters well i can't get in unless i enter ctrl,alt and delete altogether.now #3 has a blue screen can someone please tell me what is wrng and how i can get into them please and thank you.

  alanrwood 09:46 01 Nov 2018

No one would call you from Microsoft. It was a scammer. If you allowed them entry to your computers I would immediately check your credit cards and bank accounts for any unauthorised withdrawals and change you passwords and pin numbers

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:50 01 Nov 2018
  1. !st if you have a microsoft account on that machine then you an change the password see here

  2. 2nd machine Best thing to do with this is reset it to factory settings what make and model is it

  3. we need to know the message and or code of the blue screen E.G. Ox000000C1FE before we can offer useful help.

  KEITH 1955 22:48 07 Nov 2018

I am very suspect about this posting as I come on this site every day and this is posted by the same person on a regular basis , every 2 to 3 weeks with almost identical wording , what makes me suspicious is that he always begins the thread by saying …… I got 3 laptops etc... Lets be realistic guys WHY would somebody continue to repost this , I have seen threads where people on here have said how to get round passwords but no way am I going to say how. Passwords are not secure , that's why there are so many apps to make them more secure. The main reason passwords are put on a pc is to stop idiots doing damage when you walk away from your pc either at work or home.

FOOTNOTE I have also seen this exact post under different names which is to much of a coincidence , maybe the forum runners should remove the option to change user name.

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