I got the TV Picture on my PC bot NO sound

  g4fne72 20:56 11 Dec 2005

Hi all ... This is my first post on a PC forum .. so i hope it makes sense.

I have recently discovered that my PC is able to receieve TV picture with antenna plugged in. The picture is superb but i am unable to get sound.
I do however still get sound (from monitor speakers) when useing the PC for CD playback or games etc. Just the TV sound a problem.
I have an ATI All-in-Wonder 9200 graphics card with PCTV (hope this makes sense).

Any help would be much appreciated

  sinbad1 21:10 11 Dec 2005

could be a driver problem
click here

  g4fne72 21:13 11 Dec 2005

Thanks for response but have already downloaded the latest driver

  Terry Brown 21:13 11 Dec 2005

Have you connected the cable from the TV card (audio output) to the computer (Audio line or Microphone)?, if not all you will receive is pictures as the sound needs to be processed the the sound card to be heard.

  woodchip 21:14 11 Dec 2005

Check back of computer to see if there is a line out in the graphics card as it may need a cable to line in on sound card. It could also have a internal cable, but it would mean taking the side of box to check

  DieSse 21:20 11 Dec 2005

And you need to make sure the PAL setting is for PAL-I - if it's set to PAL-G you won't get any sound.

  DieSse 21:21 11 Dec 2005

PS - I should have added - if you're in the UK or Eire - if elsewhere then you may need PAL-G

  sinbad1 21:26 11 Dec 2005

if all the above doesn't work check the tv sound options and make sure the source is line in

  Stuartli 21:49 11 Dec 2005

Have you double clicked on your Volume icon to ensure that the appropriate input/output feed has not been Muted?

Failing that you may need to use an audio cable (similar to ones for CD/DVD-ROM drives) from the sound card to the ATI card.

  g4fne72 22:11 11 Dec 2005

Wow ... What quick responses ... Thanks people.

I have now taken the side off my PC & it seems there is no cable from sound card to ATI card.

Where can i get the lead/cable i would need ..any internet links aould be appreciated ??

This now brings me onto another question ... i can see the "line in" on sound card but the only available socket on ATI card is a multi pin "video out" ... Is this where it goes ??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:24 11 Dec 2005

click here

T1. Connect the AUDIO CABLE to the SOUND CARD:

ATI TV tuner products require a direct physical connection to the sound card in the system.

For details on connecting a specific ATI TV tuner product to your sound card, please see the "Installation Tips" page for the product in the PC Products section of our website.

For most ATI TV tuner products, the audio connection can be made either externally or via an internal connection. ATI strongly recommends that the audio connection be accomplished externally, using the supplied cable, whenever possible.

. Configure the ATI TV software for the correct sound channel:

This procedure will vary depending on whether your product came with the ATI's Multimedia Center or for our legacy products using the ATI Video Player. Ensure the audio input of the Sound Initialization Wizard screen is set to the appropriate sound card channel (I.e. "Line In" - for the external audio connection to the sound card).

1. Go into the setup of the ATI TV Player by clicking on the box with the "Checkmark" in it in the ATI TV Player (OR RIGHT CLICK on the TV IMAGE and select "Setup" from the menu).
2. Select the "Display" tab and press the "Initialization Wizard" button.
3. Press "NEXT" until the "TV Sound Initialization Wizard" screen.
4. Select the "Line In" option from the drop down menu as seen below.

mmcinitwiztvsound.gif (17129 bytes)

(You should immediately hear your TV audio upon channel selection)

5. Press "NEXT" until you "Finish" then click "OK" to exit the Setup window

Users with the ALL IN WONDER: If the TV Sound Initialization screen does not appear in the Initialization Wizard, go back to the main TV window and disable TV ON DEMAND. This feature button is located at the far left upper button of your TV control Panel. On the left side of the channel up button.

* The button will have an image of a round stopwatch when TV on Demand is OFF and of a square Television when TV on Demand is ON. You can now go back to the steps above to configure your audio.

Legacy products using the ATI Video Player software:

1. Launch the ATI Video Player and switch to TV MODE
2. RIGHT CLICK on the TV IMAGE and select "Properties" from the menu
3. Select the VIDEO tab
4. Set the "AUDIO INPUT" drop down menu to the appropriate selection ("LINE-IN" for most sound cards).

Configuring the ATI Video Player for the right sound channel; 2596-audio-input.gif (11KB)

(You should immediately hear your TV audio upon channel selection)

Note: Some older versions of the ATI Video Player may show a checkbox called "USE INTERNAL AUDIO" instead of an "AUDIO INPUT" menu. "USE INTERNAL AUDIO" should be DISABLED if it appears.

3. Configure the Windows system sound mixer:

* Right Click on the SPEAKER ICON Taskbar Speaker Icon; 2596-speaker-icon.jpg (1022 bytes) found on the TASKBAR. Select OPEN VOLUME CONTROLS from the pop-up menu.
* Ensure that the MASTER sound volume slider is at an appropriate level.
* Ensure that the audio input channel you selected for the ATI TV software ("LINE-IN" for most sound cards) is NOT MUTED and the slider is at a reasonable level.
* Some sound mixers have a checkbox called "select" instead of "mute". The audio input channel must be SELECTED and NOT MUTED.

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