I got a trojan horse problem - any ideas?

  muscic lover 15:57 20 Oct 2007

It seems that My pc has caught a trojan...

AVG found it has

Trojan horse BackDoor.Ircbot.bxg

it seems to have got in from a file called stressreducer.exe.

Any ideas what this trojan does /can do?

Thanks in advance.

  Belatucadrus 16:16 20 Oct 2007

click here
As with all trojans, what it's done and what it can be made to do are worlds different. If it's just sitting there and this is the most likely option it's probably done nothing, In the extremely unlikely event that it's been used by a hacker, then heaven knows what's been done.
Symantecs suggestion "we recommend re-installing the operating system and changing any passwords that may have been compromised." Seems overkill to me, but changing all your passwords is not a bad idea.

  woodchip 16:17 20 Oct 2007

What did AVG do with it. Look in Log to find out

  muscic lover 16:20 20 Oct 2007

AVG has quarentined the offender and advises me to delete it as it is infected - have done that now...

Just wondering what the file could have been.

And i wonder why people actually write these type of files... malicious and annoying they are!

  woodchip 16:21 20 Oct 2007

If you worry about it run this online scanner I have the Program and it's very good The top one You need to be running IE for it to work click here=

  brundle 16:29 20 Oct 2007

0 to worry about; probably this click here
which appears as a false positive to some AV software ; click here

  muscic lover 16:37 20 Oct 2007

wow, you guys are great, at least I feel better and dont have to tell my son off too much now.

Thank you for your help, I will post this as closed -

If i see you guys down the pub, I'll buy you a pint -or similar!

  zacts 14:38 28 Oct 2007

I think this is a false positive.

I had a similar in 2000: the McAfee antivirus detected a virus in Stressre.exe
I contacted both the author of the program (click here) and Mcafee.
The first confirmed that my copy of the program contained no virus.
The next releases of McAfee VirusScan did not report any virus again.
The 20-Oct-2007 my AVG antivirus detected a trojan horse (BackDoor.Ircbot.BXG) in stressre.exe, but the file is identical to the one located on one of my old backup CDs.

I am going to contact AVG.
I will also contact again the author of Stressre.exe, as soon as I can access again his website, which today is down (but which content was available till recent dates in the wayback archive - click here)

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