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I got a problem with my PC

  Chiio 10:01 21 Dec 2018

I was playing a game when suddenly my screen stopped showing anything and a no signal message popped up but my computer kept running just monitor was not recieving signal. So i open the case and turn my pc on and see that my videocard is running from outsite it looks like nothing is wrong with it. So i tryed to replug my DVI cable into integrated graphics card on my motherboard and it worked then im like ok i guess my video card is dead. I sent my videocard for a diagnostic while its beeing tested i took a old videocard from my friend put it in and it works BUT when i turned on the pc the next day i had the same issue again monitor no recieving signal. Then i switched back to integrated graphics card it didnt work now.Then i randomly switched the cable from integrated graphics card to my friends graphic card and like it was a 30% it works 70% no signal so i have no idea whats causing it. Heres what i have tried Unplugging the power from pc and holding down the power button for 1min. switching the monitor cable. Switching the graphic card around the graphic card slots on motherboard. Nothing worked. Took me 8 trys to turn my pc on just to get the signal to my monitor on just to writte this down. Do you guys have any suggestions what it could be? Sorry for my bad english :)

  howard64 10:21 21 Dec 2018

with it running go to control panel and set up a new user. Then switch to the new user and see if that cures it.

  Chiio 10:26 21 Dec 2018

How can switching users fix this issue?

  howard64 11:32 21 Dec 2018

sometime a glitch turns off settings and by setting up a new user the settings are new for this new user.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:56 21 Dec 2018

Update your graphics drivers.

  LV426 12:05 22 Dec 2018

It got hot and shutdown, thermal protection in any cpu, or its blown, you have to remove as many items as possible, just rule things out, start off with one stick of ram with known good graphics card and cable, it could be your main cpu needs re seating.Prove what works and what doesn't, it could even be you motherboard failing. Try each stick of ram individually, probably not related, but at least you rule out its not ram related.

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