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I got the blue screen of death - arghhhh!!!!

  Bailey08787 09:45 27 May 2003

Good morning all.

Thought I would start this thread early, so that hopefully there will be an answer for me by the end of the day.

Yesterday I suffered my first blue screen of death in a long long time - and this time the blue screen seems to be living up to its name.

Yesterday the little devil inside me popped up, and I decided to have an online flutter. So I downloaded the casino thingy from click here (feel 666 would have been more appropriate). Anyway, all went well, and I had a good few hours of staking a buck here and sometimes even two bucks there.

Anyway, I went back to it later on in the evening, and it wasn't working correctly - as no cards were being dealt for the rounds - so i thought the site must be down, and was about to exit, when the blue screen of death appeared.

Here's the statement:


and then further down, this:

STOP: 0x0000000A (0x00000166, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x804ECF8E)

and then it started to dump the physical memory - which once finished, rebooted to the blue screen - and no further.

I have tried using Roxio's GoBack - but when it gives you the opportunity to goback in the boot, it only gavve me the opportunity to go back 5 hours - this did not work.

I tried booting in safe mode - only gets as far as blue screen

I tried selecting the option to go back to when the system booted safely last

I tried booting from my os cd - and then tried the system installation recovery tool - no joy

i went into the command prompt, and did chkdsk - but it came back to me with a message about unrecoverable problems or something.

So now what do I do??

I have a P4, 1.8ghz, 768mb rdram, 80gb hdd, XP Pro.

Hope you can help



  Bailey08787 11:50 27 May 2003

thanks charles

i know that running goback from my desktop would give me a lot more restore points (ie for previous days), but as I cannot get that far, I have been trying it during the boot process - and this is when it will only offer me a revert point of 5 hours or so prior

i'm not sure how to run system restore wizard during boot-up.

i have attempted to boot into safe mode, and selected an option for reverting to last safe/successful boot - but both take me to the blue screen.

  Bailey08787 14:03 27 May 2003

thanks. i guess i await the fe in shining armour to come along.


  Bailey08787 09:28 28 May 2003

Good morning

All my efforts to restore my system last night proved fruitless. I booted from the WinXP Pro CD, and went for the repair installation - but that only took me to c:/ command prompt - from which, I ran several tests, ie, chkdsk /p & chkdsk /r - all doing very little good.

So I was tempted to do a fresh installation - but when progressing through the relevant screens, windows asked me to create a fresh partition for the new installation - no problem i thought - but it wouldn't let me - it insists that i delete my current partition (my current 80gb hard drive is unpartitioned) (so i guess it is taking up all the room, and therefore won't let me make another partition - although i know i'm using only 60gb of the 80gb drive, so i'm not sure why windows cannot just make another partition from the remaining space).

If I go with windows, and delete my current partition, would that be wiping all the info on my hard drive? (ie, media, photos, music, data, etc.) I obviously want to avoid this.

If this is the case, would anyone advise me buying another hard drive - just a cheap 2gb one - disconnected my current drive - hooking up the new one - making a fresh installation of WinXp on the 2gb drive - which will hopefully have be back up and running, and the reconnecting my 80gb drive?

sound like a good plan? or have i missed out some IT fundamentals?

(Another idea was to create WinXp Pro boot disks - using the 6 floppies needed - and try booting from this - would booting this way help me at all? - or is booting from floppy mainly for those who can't access their cd-rom drive (with the winXp cd in it?)

Or any other advice


  Bailey08787 11:13 28 May 2003

Thanks VoG

An over-the-top installation is what I have done in the past - the only thing that has got me nervous about doing so, is WinXP's request for me to delete my current partition, in order for me to be able to perform a new installation.

I'm not sure whether this request to delete my current partition will wipe my hard drive data - if it's just a case of the WinXP previous installation being wiped, then no problems - but if it's referring to wiping the partition that is my hard drive - big problem.

Dr Charles, WinXP does not require an 80gb hard drive to install itself on to - so it's feasible that I could buy a small hard drive, and make a fresh installation of WinXP on the new drive - and instruct the bios to boot from this new drive from now on. This would hopefully get me to my desktop.........

where I could either attempt to remove the bad little piece of software which has caused my pc to become inoperable - or, use GoBack from the desktop, which should have restore points for days/weeks ago.

Does that sound like a plan? or will that not work?

  Bailey08787 16:49 28 May 2003

well, its about 45 mins till i go home and devote another evening to getting the pc back up on its feet.

Any more advice?

People think my idea of buying another hard-drive a good idea?

Please read through the thread and give what advice you can.

Many thanks

  Bailey08787 17:14 28 May 2003

Thanks for the advice - VoG is aware of my difficulties - he has already posted a post.


  Bailey08787 09:56 29 May 2003

Just spent another fruitless night trying to get the pc back up on its feet.

I'd really appreciate a knowledgeable person telling me whether my idea of buying another hard-drive - doing a fresh installation on the new hard drive - and instructing the computer to boot from the new hard-drive would solve my problems (or at least get me to my desktop where I could do some more investigative/repair work.

Or is it worth me buying six floppies, to create a Win XP Pro boot with?

Or any other advice.........

  Bailey08787 13:15 29 May 2003

yes, i went into the recovery console, and did chkdsk /p - followed by chkdsk /r

  Bailey08787 13:17 02 Jun 2003

VoG - unfortunately this line did not start system restore for me: C:\Windows\System32\Recover\rstrui.exe

On saturday I bought a new drive, and installed a new version of WinXP - it worked, in the respect that I once again got to my desktop, but it did not really solve my problems.....

......which on the advice of others, I will start a new thread for.

  Bailey08787 13:29 02 Jun 2003

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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