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I get an error code when I backup my computer

  smugladybug 02:18 17 May 2017

I have not been able to back up my computer and now getting desperate. I get an error code 0x81000037 It says Windows Backup failed whilst trying to read from the shadow copy one of the volumes being backed up.

I have googled this error but I am afraid it's all too technical for me. Any suggestions or will I need to get a computer geek to look at it.

Thanks in advance. I am backing up to a 1tb external drive.

Also I purchased PC Scan & Repair but it says there are no problems. Was it worth buying this I ask myself!!!

I am using Windows 7.

Thanks in advance

Smug :-)

  beeuuem~2 03:45 17 May 2017

There are several good, free backup programs which are, by many accounts, more reliable than the Windows back-up.

Macrium Reflect is highly recommended by many here, including me. It is available from click here

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