I get a Blank page when printing

  ponytail 09:34 08 Dec 2014

Not sure what the problem is but have just tried to print 2 emails in my inbox but all I get are blank pages.Have tried quite a few other emails but same result.I used to click on file in the top L/H corner and choose print but dont seem to have that option now so I right click on the email which opens up a section on the L/H side and I click print it shows a print preview which is just blank.I use hot mail on windows 7.Sometimes I can copy and paste the email onto word and then print them.Can someone advise on how I am supposed to print. Thank's

  ponytail 09:40 08 Dec 2014

Have just noticed that I have some letters in my documents which I needed to save.I clicked on File and then print and I get a normal print so why not when I try to print a email.

  spuds 10:11 08 Dec 2014

Not saying its going to work, but you could try 'Ctrl + P' on your keyboard, and see if that brings up your printer details, and then click OK on that.

  ponytail 10:36 08 Dec 2014

Hi spuds Just tried what you suggested but got the same screen showing print review which is a blank page

  ponytail 10:40 08 Dec 2014

I just logged into my email account on my wifes laptop and it printed normally

  spuds 10:43 08 Dec 2014

What's the name and model of the printer you are using, because you might need to update on the latest driver's.

Did you have this 'non-print' problem previously or is it something that as happened very recently?.

You could also try click here

  ponytail 11:38 08 Dec 2014

The printer is a Brother DCP-J315W and this is a fairly new problem

  ponytail 11:41 08 Dec 2014

Just clicked on your link and you have to sign up before you can use it.Just going to try the brother live support although I dont think it is the printer as it printed the same emails when I used my wifes laptop

  ponytail 12:21 08 Dec 2014

I went into google and entered unable to print hotmail emails ant the following was one of the options that came up www.mchelper.com I went into their live help and then they got someone to phone me he operated my laptop remotely and then said they were about 30,000 issues which needed sorting which got me wondering he then said he could clear them and install a program which would cost me a one off payment of £128 at that point I decided to end the conversation.Will pop up to my local PC shop where I always go and the man there is always ready to help.For this kind of job he normally charges about £30.If I find out what the problem was will let you know on here.

  wee eddie 13:06 08 Dec 2014

Ponytail: Do not touch with a bargepole ~ you have been scammed

  bumpkin 13:28 08 Dec 2014

Also you should NEVER allow remote access to an unknown source.

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