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  koko 10:28 04 Jul 2004

hi all i got a cheepo laptop last year and am now wondering if i can use it to get internet access when away from home? it has no obvious slots for cards so the question is can you get wireless cards that plug into a usb ?

thanks in advance.


  Diemmess 11:16 04 Jul 2004

Isn't the traditional way to use an external modem?

  koko 21:50 04 Jul 2004

The cheepo laptop has a modem and can be connected to networks its realy wireless access i was wondering about.

  keverne 22:04 04 Jul 2004

A wireless card is only going to give you internet access if you are near a hotspot. Have a look here click here

  fitshase 22:13 04 Jul 2004

Yes you can get wireless adaptors which plug into your USB port.

Have a look on dabs (click here) under networking and type in USB in the search box.



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