Before I finish it... 01:46 13 May 2004

I normally wait till my sites are finished before posting here for your appraisal. This time however, I would like you to look at a partly built site, and tear it apart before I go any further with it.

I dont know what it is, but it just doesn't look right and I cant put my finger on the reason, maybe it's just me staring at it.

Any input or criticism will be welcome now, as it could save me a lot of work if I get it sorted now. I've only linked the top thumbnail, and the form is not coded yet, but if you could just look at the general appearance I would be grateful.

Cheers, Whiz... 02:22 13 May 2004

by throwing in a link to the site! click here

  Forum Editor 07:03 13 May 2004

at the moment Barry, and my immediate reaction was that if I was contemplating spending a fairly large sum of money on a suite of furniture I would certainly want to know details about what type of fabric it was covered in, whether it had a fireproof certification, etc. I assume that you'll be adding all this information?

I addition, I'm sure you know that under the distance selling regulations you must provide your full postal address somewhere on the site?

The general look of the site is fine, but I suggest that you try to include some high-quality images of close-up details. The existing images, whilst OK for a general impression lack the quality that I would look for when making this kind of purchase.

On a more general note, I do find myself wondering whether many people will be prepared to risk an online purchase for an item as important as a suite of furniture? People generally want to sit in furniture before they buy, and there are hundreds of shops stocking styles similar to yours.

  tomleady 09:36 13 May 2004

i agree with the above about the quality of images, you definately need better images.

i also agree with Fourm member about the colour scheme. i know this is very unhelpful, but it does seem drab.

i do understand why you've chosen such colours, i think its probably the brown colour that puts me off, the dark red is fine.

Perhaps putting a border around your images will help make the page look better.

also, on the SB01 Suite page, the buttons at the bottom for the "buy with PayPal" and "Place Order" buttons, the green rollovers for them is just, well, horrible!

sorry to be unhelpful! 10:53 13 May 2004

a few points for me to consider there. As far as the photos go, the originals are really high quality. I have used them compressed just for this review purpose, on the finished site there will be an option to view a full screen high resolution image.
I will be adding more detailed info on materials, although most are real leather.
The colours may be the thing that is niggling me, I'll have a little tinker with them.

Thanks for the input, I have something to go on now. Cheers, Whiz...

PS. Thanks for the tip on name and address FE, I thought the WHOIS with Nominet covered this.

  PurplePenny 12:32 13 May 2004

I can see what you mean - something isn't quite right (I'm a calligrapher so believe when I say I really understand that horrible feeling of "this doesn't quite work").

I like the colours and the font - to me they say Regency elegance, which is the right image for a furniture shop.

I've just been back for another look and looked at it the way I do when my calligraphy isn't coming together (I look at it out of focus) I know what it is that looks wrong to me. It's unbalanced! (on my screen - 1024-768) There's the border down the left side and the links are there too. The main text is not quite central but over towards the left then there is a big expanse of white on the right. It makes me want to drag the whole page over towards the right. If there were more white on the left or colour on the right it would be OK but at the moment everything is happening on the left and making the page lop-sided.

Penny 01:50 14 May 2004

and tried it centered in the browser window, and it looks a bit better (not uploaded yet). I too use a 1024 screen, but always make my sites to fit an 800 window.

I dont use percentages because I find that when viewed in a large screen at 100% the text spreads out too far, and obviously the graphics, remaining the same size, seem to send everything out of synch. There is still that something there that tells me it's not quite right. I'm off to the Carribean next week, and I guarantee that it will suddenly hit me (what's wrong) when I am nowhere near a PC to try new ideas out. Thanks for the input PP, Whiz...

  IClaudio 18:07 15 May 2004

you're off to the Caribbean (namedropper!) without your laptop? Tsk Tsk... 01:12 16 May 2004

cant afford one, wouldn't want one. If you're working you can always find a PC, If your on holiday a PC is the last thing you need!

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