I E Spell....wont...

  end 11:58 07 Aug 2004

Windows 98SE IE6;I have put IE Spell on here to assist the more accurate completion of my somewhat erratic spelling abilities....(!!!!)

however, I have noticed that , when I am returning e mails, especially this morning when I was trying to reply to one and entered my reply in the box, my attempt to get IEspell to check it failed and got the "error" sound on my computer.I have looked in IE spell to see if there is something I need to "tweak" but can find nothing; it"works"on these forum pages but I have problems when applying it elsewhere......what am I not doing right, or .....( I hope I have "described" this sufficiently for the troops?? it is rather difficult to explain what it does.....)I thought it was supposed to work all over IE itself,,, but maybe not.....( and I have managed to spell-check THIS with no problems!!)

  Chegs ® 12:01 07 Aug 2004

IE Spell name might give you a clue to whats wrong when you use it in OE(its IE Spell,not OE Spell)Just a suggestion :-)

  VoG II 12:03 07 Aug 2004

This is with web-based e-mail?

  end 12:12 07 Aug 2004

to "clarify" (sorry!!); do not use OE at all as such so ....(dont actually see the point !!)

and Vog....put like that...I think yes, from what I have noticed so far.....I have not actually listed all the screans that it has so far not worked in but it has "disappointed " me in that it doesn't seem to "work" over the whole sphere of the web (or am I wrong ??)

  VoG II 12:17 07 Aug 2004

Well, it is supposed to, including web mail click here

Sorry, I don't use IESpell so I can't think what the problem might be.

  end 12:50 07 Aug 2004

so...??iS IESpell supposed to "work" on ALL web pages or what???....and, stating the (perhaps not)obvious, I AM using ONLY IE here and no other web browser.....

  VoG II 12:58 07 Aug 2004

Chris the Ancient is the expert on IESpell - you'll have to hope that he's around.

  Djohn 16:01 07 Aug 2004

ieSpell will, or should work fine with IE.If your using express as your mail client then it will not work from there. Express takes it spell checking from Microsoft Word.

I find that ieSpell will work on all web-pages through IE6 and in the message or reply boxes of any of the forums I visit by using the mouse right click option. It will also work with most on-line forms that you may at times fill in.

  Stuartli 17:09 07 Aug 2004

Outlook Express uses Word or similar word processing program for its spell checker; IESpell is stated to work with Internet Explorer (of which OE is part).

Others include:

click here

click here

  end 22:10 07 Aug 2004

will experiment with your "Right click mouse" option and see where that gets me.....it is most frustrating.......

and I do nOT use OE for my e mails at all; I have web based accounts and access them from web addresses.......

  end 22:19 07 Aug 2004

no....still getting my "error" message when trying to "correct" my spelling in my web based e mail........... but right click mouse works for this page, have just used it.....

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