i dont want bing logging browser history

  KEITH 1955 22:49 02 Jul 2018

I don't have anything to hide but deleting bing history in the edge browser is a pain in the *.

To delete bing history you have to log into your account then delete the history , this is 1 thing that ccleaner cant do.

I have googled how to stop bing logging browsing history but I could not do it.

It said open browser , open bing search box then click on the gear icon. The screens that came up after I clicked the gear icon were nothing like the ones shown in the article I was reading.

I don't use outlook so I could delete that from my Microsoft account but what will happen if I delete the Microsoft account from my pc.

Will it stop me using my gmail address on my tablet , on my pc (thunderbird mail , and will it also stop me using my google play account on my tablet.

  Forum Editor 17:19 03 Jul 2018

What has Outlook got to do with this? Bing is Microsoft's search engine.

Click here and follow the prompts.

You can disable the search history feature on the Bing homepage, but you'll need to remember that if you clear your cookie cache Bing will start recording your history again.

  KEITH 1955 17:32 03 Jul 2018

my Microsoft account says my gmail address is tagged to it.

  KEITH 1955 17:45 03 Jul 2018

thanks FE , I saw that screen shot on a walkthrough telling you how to delete history but I can work out how to bring up the screen shot showing " stop bing from tracking history"

This is the walkthrough I looked at , the 3rd screenshot shows a red circle round turn off but this is the screen shot I cant find , don't know what op sys the screenshots are from but I am on windows 10 using edge.

click here

  lotvic 18:50 03 Jul 2018

Atter opening Settings: Did you select/click on 'History' on the left, like it tells you to.

  lotvic 18:51 03 Jul 2018

Edit: Atter = After

  Old Deuteronomy 20:19 03 Jul 2018

You could try using DuckDuckGo, they say on their website that they do not track you at all.

  KEITH 1955 22:59 03 Jul 2018

thanks to everyone who replied to my post the click here link posted by FE lets me delete history without having go thought the hassle of logging into my Microsoft account so that's a step in the right direction , I put the link page on my toolbar for future use.

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