I don't know what I am doing....

  lexie 12:25 17 Jul 2008


I tried to find some free software for burning DVD's and in the process I downloaded some. Anyway the software doens't work so I deleted it, no bother.

But I now keep getting this virus scanning thing keep coming up. It's a virus scanning tool that wants me to run it, so I have tried:

deleting the package
running it as it's requests
not running it

Either way when ever I try to go on the net, it keeps popping up! I can't download it as it wants and it's stopping me going on line! HELP!!

I can't remember the website that it says is the source of the virus checker but it's something like getievirus.com or something! I am at work otherwise I would check and give more details!

I need to delete this programme and get my access back as my net is my life line as I live in Germany!

Thanks loads
Lexie xxx

P.S I am very very un-technical if anyone wants to give me instructions on what to try!

  nosharpe 12:33 17 Jul 2008

A good program for burning CD's/DVD's is Nero click here.
I think you can download a free or trial limited trial copy.

Can you tell me what program you downloaded?
It's probable that the downloaded program covertly included some "free" software along the lines of a anti-virus program.

  lexie 12:39 17 Jul 2008

I went to this website:

click here

and then I think I downloaded Burnaware Free Edition and one other but I can't remember now, I managed to delete both the downloads but this stupid pop up virus thing got in and I can't get it out!! Everytime I go on the net, it directs me to the website of the company of the virus thing, but I can't remember it here at work, think it was something like getievirus.com or something?


  recap 12:40 17 Jul 2008

When the intrusive program pops up end the task. To do this hold down Ctrl+Alt and press Delete once and then select Task Manager. It should show up in the Applications section, highlight the program and select End Process/Yes/OK. This is only a short term fix until you can get rid of the program completely.

  lexie 12:41 17 Jul 2008

Thanks recap but I have tried that and then everytime I open the net it comes back and takes me to the website again and it won't let me do anything....


  recap 12:44 17 Jul 2008

click here it should help

  DippyGirl 12:49 17 Jul 2008

My Burner of choice is DeepBurner (free) click here
Are you just being directed to the site (yesitsfree) when you open your browser - ie that is now set as your homepage?
Or does another task get started ? If so what is its name?

  lexie 12:51 17 Jul 2008

the site yesitsfree was the site were I downloaded the free software for the dvd burning. The brower now takes me to another site, the site of the virus checking people but I can't remember what it is, maybe it will have to wait till tomorrow, till I can tell you all what that site is....

  lexie 12:53 17 Jul 2008

my homepage is set to google but it keeps changing to the virus people, when I try to open another tab it suddenly changes to the virus people again also!

  Ditch999 14:58 17 Jul 2008

You are infected with a virus or other malware.
You need to run a proper anti-virus scan and malware scan in Safe Mode with reputable software.
There are plenty of free ones available.

  peter99co 15:17 17 Jul 2008

Do you have anti virus software on the machine?

If you have you should run it now.

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