I don't like Ex Cossack

  Ex Cossack 12:22 28 Nov 2003

I am still getting responses referring to me as pj or pj123 or pete so I am going back to my original pj123. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  JIM 12:30 28 Nov 2003

Can I agree with you as old forum friends are becoming difficult to ID. :)

  [email protected]@m 12:33 28 Nov 2003

Yes, change back. 'The Cossack' in Sheffield is a well known gay bar!

  Belatucadrus 12:38 28 Nov 2003

Is that the one just outside the old Pond street polytech entrance ? (Halam university to those of fewer years)

  pj123 12:39 28 Nov 2003

Thanks [email protected][email protected], not my scene, and to JIM thanks a new name just confuses.

  Dipso 13:05 28 Nov 2003

I have just replied to a post FAO your alter ego
click here

  pj123 13:24 28 Nov 2003

Dipso, thanks for the info but if you are starting from "square one" do they supply everything to get you up and running? I am on NTL Broadband (on all day every day) myself but I teach IT and many of my "pupils" want to change to BB but as they work 9-5 like most of us it is just not cost effective to go to a fixed monthly fee for an "always on" system if they don't use it 24 hours. Some of them only log on for about an hour a day.

  Dipso 21:56 28 Nov 2003

They used to supply a modem if you wanted one, but don't seem to be doing that now(?)However, I have found one click here for £45.81 inc VAT and delivery which I believe is cheaper than the one Metronet were offering. It is the Thomson Speedtouch 330 USB which is ideal. I use one myself and they are very easy to set up.

They also charge £59 for connection. The way I looked at it was, as I was saving more than £10 a month (I was paying Virgin £24.99 a month), I would have paid off the connection charge in 5-6 months.

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