I don't care what your name is

  stalion 23:05 24 Dec 2005

get that reindeer off my roof.
goodnight all and a happy Christmas and healthy and prosperous new year

  Strawballs 23:06 24 Dec 2005

Thanks for that and the same to you.

  Stuartli 23:08 24 Dec 2005

The same to you, the FE and all forum members.


  paddyjack 23:09 24 Dec 2005

Last year they took half the tiles of the roof waiting for him this year. If you want raindeer stakes let me know.

I will get him.

Enjoy in spirit whatever your tipple, happy christmas everybody

  Kev.Ifty 23:10 24 Dec 2005

What could attract a hoofed animal to your home i wonder? ;-)

Happy Christmas to you also..

  Forum Editor 23:26 24 Dec 2005

Otherwise I'll have a late night, and I have to be up failry early to cook the Christmas lunch - something I do by tradition.

  pauldonovan 23:31 24 Dec 2005

FE and all.

  Ikelos 23:45 24 Dec 2005

yep,better get to bed in case he don't turn up.

nite all...........

  nagonlouse 00:00 25 Dec 2005

Getting up early is a thing of the past what with all the modern gadgets there are today. Have a couple of extra hours FE. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

  wolfie3000 02:35 25 Dec 2005

im still up to many minced pies.

  phono 02:37 25 Dec 2005

What exactly is a "Christmas Lunch"? Just being curious.

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