I dont believe it....

  barryoneoff.co.uk 00:42 28 Oct 2005

Is this a conspiracy amongst the magazine forums, or what?

The only two mags I actually subscribe to, I find that I will be leaving in the same week!

First WU chooses to ignore complaints from members about popups. So I leave, and will be cancelling my subscription.

Now I log on to a forum I have been with for five years and find that it is the next on the cancelled list! What the blank is going on?

  Splork 00:44 28 Oct 2005

Can't comment on popups, never seen the one that gets all the complaints here myself...

  barryoneoff.co.uk 00:50 28 Oct 2005

you don't read the posts properly. I was not referring to this forum about popups.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 02:59 28 Oct 2005

that this site now adds doubleclick pop ups to seem as if they are appearing on other sites, I am so suprised that they thought they would get away with it! That's even worse than the pop ups on WU.

This is not a good sign.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:34 28 Oct 2005

Doubleclick is not a problem so you can happily forget about it. It helps pay towards the site un;less you feel like subscribing by using ANOINYMOUS trackers. It is ONLY advertising and I assume that yopu ar not cancelling your TV and newspapers because of advertising. This site and others that use adverts are a great resource...how about clicking on a few adverts and putting a bit back into the net? You can use avant browser or similar if adverts are so annoying to you.


  ACOLYTE 12:13 28 Oct 2005

I don't get any of these pop ups/double click trackers
from this site,they do have advertising but i accept that and it has never interfered with my enjoyment of the site.If i or others thought it was a problem im sure PCA would know about it by now.

  vinnyT 13:01 28 Oct 2005

The forum is free to use and view, you are just as free to leave, I think you will be the poorer if you do.

  Stuartli 13:02 28 Oct 2005

>>Now I log on to a forum I have been with for five years and find that it is the next on the cancelled list! What the blank is going on?>>

The way you have described the second forum I also, perfectly understandably, like Splork assumed you were referring to this website.

In fact at face value there's no other way to interpret it.

Interesting that you don't subscribe to PCA, yet use the website to air complaints about pop ups advertising (which helps to pay for the running of such sites) - or have I somehow misread that as well?

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