I don't appear on their bank statement ! - PayPal

  Bansaw 19:44 30 Jan 2008

I've been using a PayPal donation module on a Joomla charity site we've
been doing.
I have made a test donation, but when I look on my bank statement it
comes up:
Direct Debit -£6.75

Very confusing and non-descriptive.
I'd like it to say "MyCharityName" in place of 4MG...etc.
Is there a way of doing this?

Also, DDR is direct debit. Is this right for a one-off payment?


here are some variable in the php file:
$paypal_email = $params->get('paypal_email');
$paypalcur_on = $params->get('paypalcur_on');
$paypalcur_val = $params->get('paypalcur_val');
$paypalval_on = $params->get('paypalval_on');
$paypalval_val = $params->get('paypalval_val');
$paypalvalleast_val = $params->get('paypalvalleast_val');
/* $paypal_org = $params->get('paypal_org'); */
$paypal_org = "Gift to the Simbiri Clinic";

$paypal_len = $params->get('paypal_len');
$paypallen_val = $params->get('paypallen_val');
$one_page = $params->get('one_page');
$page_url = $params->get('page_url');
$logo = $params->get('logo');
$logo_on = $params->get('logo_on');
$paypalcancel = $params->get('paypalcancel');
$paypalreturn = $params->get('paypalreturn');

01-30-2008 05:18 AM

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