I do exactly the same thing at home.

  Forum Editor 12:40 01 Jun 2003

and to accomplish it I have set up a wireless network using the following items:

1. A Linksys WAP11 2.4GHz 802.11b wireless access point

2. A Linksys PCMCIA wireless network adapter card for the laptop.

3. A Linksys USB wireless network adapter for the main PC

4. An 8 port dual speed hub

The hub is used because I have other machines connected to the network by conventional Ethernet cabling, so I have a mixed wireless and cable network. It all works perfectly, and I can edit the forum from the peace and quiet of my garden chair.

Wireless networks are sometimes fussy about distances. On occasion I've used the network 30 metres away in the garden with no problem, and then had difficulty connecting the laptop two rooms away - it depends on walls/stairs/trees etc. Over a period I've learned axactly where to be to get the best reception.

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