I cant use my hard disk

  TCTOPCAT 12:02 22 Aug 2003

I have fixed a 80gb hard drive to my PC as a secondry master, but windows hasnt assinged it a letter. My current hard drive is 20gb. How do i get windows to assign my hard drive a letter

  jazzypop 12:19 22 Aug 2003

Which version of Windows are you using?

Is the 80GB drive seen by the BIOS?

  TBH1 12:20 22 Aug 2003

try fdisk and format - - - be careful when using fdisk that you change to correct disk !!

  TCTOPCAT 12:58 22 Aug 2003

I am using windows ME and my hard drive is senn by the BIOS

  jazzypop 13:10 22 Aug 2003

I agree with tbh1 - as a first step, try to fdisk and then format the new drive - see click here for details.

As stated above, be very sure to choose the correct drive to fdisk and format, or you will end up wiping your C: drive. It is not at all difficult - just tread slowly and carefully if you have not done it before.

  Jester2K II 13:11 22 Aug 2003

Sound like you need to boot up with a Boot Floppy and fdisk and format the drive.

Be careful !!

  pj123 15:53 22 Aug 2003

To make sure you don't make a mistake, unplug the IDE cable and power from your existing hard drive and plug them into your new drive. Make sure the BIOS detects the new drive. Now use the boot floppy to fdisk, partition and format (don't forget to make the partition active) When finished put the cables back to how you had them originally. No chance of picking the wrong disk this way.

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