I can't turn on my laptop

  chuckles2 23:11 07 Oct 2018

Hi everyone. Ok so I'll just get to it. My laptop was working fine until few days ago it stopped charging and now I can't turn it on after the battery died. I tried a new charger but it doesn't help. Any clue what could it be and how much it should usually cost? It's few years old so I rather buy a new one than spend much for fixing it. Thanks in advance

  Govan1x 00:17 08 Oct 2018

Try disconnecting the power cable and remove the battery.. Hold down on the start button for 50 seconds. Reconnect the charger and the battery and press the start button to see if it will start.

If that does not work wiggle the power connector where it connects to the laptop to see if anything reacts to is . if so the connector inside the laptop may need replaced or soldered.

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