I cant stop XP pro rebooting.

  John B 15:48 23 Dec 2004

I have just installed a netgear wireless card which worked fine but I could not get rid of a window asking me to disable xp wireless configuration setup utility so that I could use the netgear control utility.

Eventually the window decided to disappear and ever since the computer gets to the xp desktop (I can even open the start menu for a few seconds)but as soon as the netgear utility icon appears in the start tray on the right-hand side of the screen, the computer begins the reboot cycle.

I can't find a way to stop this from happening. I would like to either uninstall the netgear driver, or use the sysyem restore feature.

Any advice gratefully received



  John B 16:07 23 Dec 2004

I didn't know about the F8 thing! I'll go and try it now.

  John B 16:23 23 Dec 2004

That worked, I was able to complete a system restore and the wireless connection works again. I still get the 'disable xp wireless connection utility' window, which won't go away (I just drag it off the screen!) but I think that problem needs another thread.

Thanks again


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