I can't shut down.

  kinger 13:19 19 Jul 2005

Hi all,

I am using Win XP with SP2 installed and recently, when I attempt to restart or shut down, I get a message 'DDE Server Window is not responding'. I click 'End Now'.

I then try again and again, sometimes Windows eventually does shut down but normally the screen just flickers and the desktop remains.

I have to switch off via the power button manually.

Any ideas of what causes this, please?


  kinger 14:24 19 Jul 2005

This problem is now happening every time, without fail, whereas before it was every now and again.

Any answers would be appreciated.

  zarobian 15:25 19 Jul 2005

Try "System Restore". You should know the date when it was working properly.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:56 19 Jul 2005

Shutdown problems
click here
click here
click here

  Underdogs 18:51 19 Jul 2005

Almost for sure you have a corupted registry file. If using system restore does not do the trick, try a registry file repair program. There are loads around and most will let you run for a few days before requiring a few £s but if it works, it's money well spent. Failing that try reinstalling Windows over the top of the old Windows, but thats a last option. Hope this helps...

  kinger 20:00 19 Jul 2005

Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm just removing those TSR programs one at a time to see which one may be causing this.

It must have been after installing updates recently as it was fine before.

Thanks again.

  plough 20:35 19 Jul 2005

Could you recommend a registry file repair program?


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