I can't send Email using Win7

  bumpkin 19:07 01 Aug 2013

Hello all, sorry but me again. I can send Emails instantly using XP but when I try to send one in W7 it wants the password which it accepts and says connecting then server times out before it has had a chance to send it.

  bumpkin 19:10 01 Aug 2013

Should have said Thunderbird

  Woolwell 20:26 01 Aug 2013

I'm trying to work out if you have 2 systems. But no matter as I suspect that one of your settings is wrong and suggest that you double check.

  bumpkin 21:09 01 Aug 2013

Woolwell, I have dual boot PC Win7 or XP both from different HDDs

Email works fine if I boot XP but not if I use Win7

Cant see anything wrong in the settings on the Win7 drive.

What should I check?

  Woolwell 21:12 01 Aug 2013

You need to check the outgoing smtp settings eg ssl, authentication. I don't use Thunderbird any more so not sure where to look.

  bumpkin 21:40 01 Aug 2013

Woolwell, thanks "ssl,authentication" i don't understand what that means

  Woolwell 21:53 01 Aug 2013

Does the server require encrypted connection (SSL) or authentication? Suggest you take a screen shot of your XP settings (advanced ones as well) and compare with the W7 settings.

Is this a new problem?

  lotvic 21:58 01 Aug 2013

No wonder it doesn't work right then... Check your Thunderbird settings in W7 match the settings in XP, guide click here

  bumpkin 23:37 01 Aug 2013

lotvic, checked that and the settings are the same if you mean name and email if you mean some other settings then I need further help.

  lotvic 23:51 01 Aug 2013

then scroll down the page to number 8... where you will find the tick boxes for connection (SSL) or authentication.

Compare with the settings in your XP screenshot you took and saved as a picture (as per Woolwell post Today at 9:53PM)

  bumpkin 13:04 02 Aug 2013

Hi again, in settings there are 2 sets of settings one above the other, both with the same name.

Top one uses "imap.talktalk.net"

Bottom one "mail.talktalk.net". I think I need to remove this one but can see no way of doing so.

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