I can't see my files!

  poodle1977 10:31 02 Oct 2011

First off I will just say that my technical computing knowledge is very limited. I shut down the PC as normal last night (running Windows Vista Home Premium SP2) but this morning when I started it up, after the 'welcome' screen I got the message 'preparing desktop'. I then noticed that all settings appeared to be reset and all files appeared to be missing.
However, when I search for files by name, they still appear and I can still access them but they don't show in the folder, even if I save them again? I can actually view and access the folders by going to 'recent items' then right clicking on a file, viewing properties and opening folder location but I can't do it by the normal start/documents etc path? Any ideas what may have happened and how I can rectify the problem?

  poodle1977 10:38 02 Oct 2011

Just tried right click/properties on my documents folder (one of the affected folders) and the target location is C:\Users\TEMP.username-PC.000\Documents. Is this how it should be?

  Terry Brown 11:08 02 Oct 2011

On XP, the extention .000 usually means that the operating systems has been installed twice on the same drive to to show the difference the second version is marked as .000.

Can you go to the Control panel and check users, as someone else may be logging into your system (hacker?), if there is an unauthorised user, you will need to make sure your account is an Administrator and put a password on it, then restrict the other one to Limited (or whatever Vista calls it),If you delete the user you risk making all your files un-accessable, also goto RUN, type in MSCONFIG (enter) and check boot paths. Depending on what you find to what you do next. keep us informed.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:51 02 Oct 2011

your user profile has become corrupted.

first try a reboot and see if it recovers to as it was yesterday.

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