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I can't restore backed up files onto my new PC

  ianrwhittaker 05:58 12 Sep 2019

Hi, I had backed up my files from our old computer onto an iomega backup hard drive. We have just purchased a new computer and tried to restore the files onto it. However, while it detects the drive, when i run Recovery Manager, a message comes up stating that "Recovery Manager could not restore the file..." for each backed-up item. I can see in File Explorer that each of the files is still there. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? The old PC must have been ten years plus old so I didn't know whether it had anything to do with a newer version of Windows on the new PC causing issues etc. Thanks a lot.

  ianrwhittaker 10:46 12 Sep 2019

Thank you. Not at home now but will do when I get back.

  ianrwhittaker 20:21 15 Sep 2019


  lotvic 12:30 16 Sep 2019

FE has deleted a spammer's post.

ianrwhittaker It would help if you give full details of the old pc, windows version, Recovery manager program and method used to create the backup.
And details of new pc, name/make of program and each step of method used to attempt recovery of files.

  lotvic 12:43 16 Sep 2019

If you still have the harddrive from your old pc you could put it into a caddy and copy the files to your new pc.

  Forum Editor 14:01 16 Sep 2019

Please don't keep starting new threads on this topic - keep all posts to this one.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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