i cant quit XP installation

  Giggsy252 20:00 16 Jun 2006

everytime my pc boots up i cant get my keybored to work therefore its going straight to XP installation that i started. I cant select boot from hard drive as my keybored is not active at this point. only when the set up menu appears is the keybored active.

Any help would be appreciated.

  Giggsy252 20:03 16 Jun 2006

i cant even start the XP installation as its saying insert disc even though the disc is already there thats why i want to abort the installation, but my keybored is inactive.

  Fateful Shadow 20:06 16 Jun 2006

Just a total guess, and I could be completely wrong, but is your keyboard attached via USB? If so, try finding a keyboard with a PS/2 connection (circular with a little notch at the top and about 6 pins inside the cirle).

It may be that the keyboard drivers aren't loading, so you can't use the keyboard. It might work via S/2 though.

This is just a guess. I would be interested to hear other opinions and also how wrong I am :D

Hope this helps....somehow :S

  Giggsy252 20:08 16 Jun 2006

thanks , the problem is i havent got a PS2 keybored, only usb, it works once in installation but not at the menu select screen.

I will look for my PS2 adaptor in the mean time anyways. thanks

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