I can't post on Speakers Corner

  Graham* 10:50 21 Jul 2012

So I'm trying on here.

  finerty 10:55 21 Jul 2012

I just did, maybe if you try and try again maybe you might suceed.

  finerty 10:57 21 Jul 2012
  Graham* 11:12 21 Jul 2012

I did as well.

  Graham* 11:17 21 Jul 2012

It seems I can reply but not post a new question.

  birdface 11:37 21 Jul 2012

If you use I/E or Firefox or Both check you user profile on both to make sure they are ok.I had problems with both and have got Firefox working ok but still have problems with I/E as I get a blank profile page.

  birdface 11:54 21 Jul 2012

Looks like PCA may have been working on it as my I/E9 User profile is working ok now.

  Graham* 15:52 22 Jul 2012

I'm now a citizen of Nowhere Island.

This was the message I was trying to post. I sent a message to FE, but no response. See how this fares.

  Graham* 15:54 22 Jul 2012

I can't post a link to the website. Can anyone else?

  Graham* 15:55 22 Jul 2012

Link to BBC

  Graham* 15:57 22 Jul 2012


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