I can't open PC Advisor's pages.

  rawsongreen 09:48 18 Apr 2013

I have just reinstalled Windows 7 and now using Deepnet Explorer or Windows Explorer I can't open pages on this website but using Chrome - which I'm struggling with I can.

Any Ideas anyone?

  woodchip 10:50 18 Apr 2013

Try turning off Java Script in your Browser settings

  wee eddie 11:08 18 Apr 2013

Do you have any problem with other Web Sites loading?

What speed id your normal Internet Connection?

  rawsongreen 11:23 18 Apr 2013

Thanks woodchip

I've been in the settings but could not see where I could turn off javascript?

Thanks wee eddie

I've come across no other problems and I've forgot how to get internet speeds.

  spuds 11:40 18 Apr 2013

This subject is a regular on this website, and it would seem to be the views of a number of forum members that it might be down to java script.

I tend to find that Google Chrome works the best, with Mozilla Firefox second, and Internet Explorer a poor third. So I would perhaps suggest that you might give Google Chrome a try, and see if the problems remains.

For a internet speed check, there are a good number of speed-test downloads available on the internet. Here's a couple you might like to try http://www.speedtest.net http://www.gmwsoftware.co.uk (Jack Dinn's Auto Speed Tester)

  rawsongreen 11:44 18 Apr 2013

Thanks spuds.

I installed IE9 and it seems to work fine up to now.

  Woolwell 12:25 18 Apr 2013

I used to primarily use Chrome with this website but now find that 90% of the time that IE10 is better.

  wee eddie 13:30 18 Apr 2013

I do not believe that Java Script is the main problem.

It may be problematic but in my opinion the Main Problem is causes by the number of 'bytes' required to be downloaded every time you change a page on the site.

My experience is that the initial page loads but that one cannot access it, for a considerable period, until all the Adverts have loaded, particularly the 'surrounding' Advert.

The Surround Advert causes another problem as, if you 'click' on a link before it has fully loaded, the page moves down an inch or so and one finds that one has clicked on a different link, so one has to wait even longer while the original page re-loads.

It's infuriating

  lotvic 17:00 18 Apr 2013

wee eddie, That often happens to me as well despite uninstalling Java a couple of months ago. I'm using FF20 with AdBlock+

  Woolwell 17:24 18 Apr 2013

As I was rightly reminded in another thread there is a difference between Java and JavaScript. The difference

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