I cant install my new digicam

  foxychic109 16:18 30 Apr 2004

Hi all. I have loaded all software and drivers for new camera, but my pc does not find new hardware. Have tried to add it via add hardware in control panel. I press "have disk" and select d drive (where the installation disk is) and I always get the same error: the specified location does not contain information about your hardware. Would really appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks a lot.

  Salinger 16:30 30 Apr 2004

Just use a card reader instead.

  Gongoozler 16:30 30 Apr 2004

Hi foxychic109. Most digital cameras are not installed via "Add new hardware". Generally you have to install the drivers from the disk, then when you plug the camera usb cable into the computer it is recognised automatically. Read the manual carefully and see what it says. Tell us what the camera is and what version of Windows, then perhaps a forum member with the same camera can offer you more specific help.

  woodchip 16:36 30 Apr 2004

Have you tured the camera on and got it on to look at Image's

  foxychic109 16:36 30 Apr 2004

Thanks gongzooler. I have windows 98 and a mustek dv5000 digicam. I have connected my camera via usb and it hasn't been recognised at all. I have checked the usb port and it says its working ok. I also had the same trouble when I tried to connect my camera mobile, so I dont think its mustek's vault. What do you reckon??

  woodchip 16:37 30 Apr 2004

It will not recognise until you tune the camera on and go to the settings to view pictures

  foxychic109 16:39 30 Apr 2004

Woodchip, yes the camera is working, I have seen the photo's and video's I have taken but my pc just will not acknowlege that I have plugged the camera in.

  foxychic109 16:40 30 Apr 2004

Woodchip..... I understand what you mean, there is a "pc" setting on my camera, but that only appears once the camera is connected to the pc.

  foxychic109 16:43 30 Apr 2004

salinger..... does a card reader connect to the pc via usb?? (Coz I think thats where my problem lies)

  woodchip 16:48 30 Apr 2004

You can use a card reader instead of the camera direct. It will save on the battery's as some cameras do not take power from the USB port

  Salinger 16:50 30 Apr 2004

Yes it connects via USB and generally has no probs unless the USB port is fauly OR the cable is faulty(more likely)

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