I can't install Linux either way? Please help!!

  Habeeb Okhai 00:04 29 Apr 2017

I've been trying for hours on end for the last 2 days, I have an asus G20AJ but I upgraded it with a 500gb Samsung ssd and a GTX 1060, I can't install Ubuntu!

I have my USB and everything, disabled fast boot on windows and bios and disabled secure boot. All I want is Linux dual booted with windows. I have tried Ubuntu 16.04.5m 17.04, Linux Mint 18 Sarah, GameDrift Linux, Linux Mint 18.1, Elementary os. Attempted each one at least 4 times. All were installed using my 64gb USB, I made partitions etc... did everything FAT32 using rufus, followed YT tutorials, I even did the hold shift while pressing restart and boot from USB, still no luck.

I have 2 monitors, one is plugged into integrated graphics and one is a DVI-D to plug in my gtx 1060. Either I get a freeze, a crash or for Linux mint 18 it asked me for a password or something which I couldn't get. Ubuntu ALWAYS just gives me a black screen once I press Ubuntu, I can't do nomodeset it's just a grub menu which is all black. With Elementary and linux mint 18.1 it just freezes on the logo at a random time.

I did all I could with the settings, if someone could help it would mean so much. So basically with everything but Ubuntu, I have the same menu every time. I always have two options for USB disks and always do both, but either way I have the menu. I press install, (I have tried try OS as well) and then it switches monitor and starts installing which I Getty. The main graphics card (NVIDIA) isn't installed yet so it switches to the monitor with integrated motherboard graphics.

I have UEFI on my pc settings etc... I am starting to think it's because my USB although 64gb can only handle 64 kilobytes 'Cluster Size' and by default which I usually leave it as it's 32, does that matter? Once again my pc is an Asus G20AJ.

I have tried so many things, what is the issue? I have waited ages and ages, there must be a way to fix this. Currently running windows 10 no problem, playing games etc... anyone ever had this error? Is there a way to fix it?

  beeuuem~2 00:40 29 Apr 2017

If you look at click here you may find some help. You certainly aren't the only one with similar problems.

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