I can't install Google Chrome

  Bytex 05:56 22 May 2017

So here is the thing, my pc was infected with some rootkits and malwares and they were causing some problems to Chrome so I decide to get rid of them, I use UnhackMe to erase all the "infected files" on the computer. In the proccess I noticed that Chrome was deleted and I think that happend because it was infected, no problem, but when I try to install it again the setup doesn't even run. I also try with the Chrome Stand Alone Setup and nothing. I don't know if in the proccess Unhackme deleted something important that now don't let the Chrome Setup run. If there are any solution for the problem let me know please.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:08 22 May 2017

Have you tried installing chrome while in safemode?

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