I can't get my cdrw to copy in Nero or any burner

  paulsmith602 19:58 10 Nov 2003

I am running ME on a PII 233mhz and have recently been given a MSI cd52-a2. If I copy a disc to media player then copy, then the rw works but if I try and copy disc to disc it won't!! Both my CD-rom and the cdrw are IDE drives.. does this matter? how do I solve this problem...PLEASE HELP ME

  R4 20:08 10 Nov 2003

Is Nero recognising yor CDRW

  paulsmith602 21:39 10 Nov 2003

No, it just recognises a virtual device

  OneSirKnight 21:45 10 Nov 2003

what about when you create an iso (image) and then burn the image to cd. have you tried that?

  paulsmith602 21:53 10 Nov 2003

Yes, it (Nero) goes through the motions of burning but the cdrw doesn't actually burn. I've even tried a burner called Fuerio?? and that doesn't seem to work.

  Satmansq 21:56 10 Nov 2003

Try looking on the Nero web site for upgrades or drivers.

It may be that the current version does not support your CD-RW

  woodchip 22:00 10 Nov 2003

If you have any sense you will not try to use Disc to Disc. Ho I know it's part of the software but ask nearly anybody on hear and they will tell you that you will have problems. If you want to copy a CD try this just put a disc in the CDRW what you want to copy, do not have a CD in the other drive or DVD. then click copy disc, it will write the disc to the hard drive then ask for a new disc to copy to. It may be long winded but you will have more success

  paulsmith602 22:08 10 Nov 2003

Is the rumour about 2 IDE cd drives not working together true or should I have a SCSI and an IDE cd drive? What are the most common problems with cdr's?

  Satmansq 22:14 10 Nov 2003

2 CD drives on the same line can cause conflicts, it is usually best to have 1 on the primary and 1 on the secondary.

If memory serves me right the suggestion is that the CD-RW works best as the Secondary Master

  woodchip 22:26 10 Nov 2003

It could be a problem with it being an old computer

  Rtus 22:44 10 Nov 2003

Are you attempting to use nero n the Fly ? If soun tick that and burn at slower speed may solve the problem ,Do ensure the CDRW is listed in the Recorder>choose recorder menu

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