I cant get into my account on XP Blue screen?

  BIGBAGGY 17:37 29 May 2004

I was having problems with WIN 98SE SO i HAVE UPGRADED WITH WIN XP PRO. I have created 4 users. The main user being myself. I can get into the other accounts and my Icons show up un the desktop but if I go into my main account it just comers up with a blue screen NO DESKTOP!./ All my Favourites are in there and my Mail and address book. Hoe do I access it? ort eveb move everything to one of the other user accounts?

  Blanc Glacier 17:41 29 May 2004

Are you logging on as Administrator? I do know that when you setup Windows XP, their are no icons on the desktop only the Recycle Bin in the bottom right hand corner. You have to either manually add icons to the desktop or change the view to "Classic Start Menu" within the Taskbar option.

  BIGBAGGY 18:59 29 May 2004

There is nothing and I cannot add or remove anything cos there is nowhere to go.

  VoG II 19:02 29 May 2004

Are you saying there is no Start button, Taskbar etc?

  christmascracker 19:03 29 May 2004

Is the start button and taskbar not there either?

  Fruit Bat 21:32 29 May 2004

log on in another account with adminpriv.

Use explorer to goto documenta and settings your (lost) account name. copy the favourites folder and desktop folder to somewhere else.

Start settings control panel user accounts delete your old account (corrupted) greate a new account for your self.

Use explorer to replace the favourites folder in that account with the folder you save earlier

Good luck

  BIGBAGGY 11:51 30 May 2004

There is no start button or anything else. I don't want to lose anything from this acount if possible. Can I reinstall WIN XP and then do something that way? or perhaps repair it?

  Fruit Bat 12:15 30 May 2004

Follow my earlier suggestion and also save all the .wab files (address book) .dbx file (mail folders) these then can be inported back intto outlook using the import wizzard, thus restoring your address book and e-mails.

  Graham ® 13:03 30 May 2004

If you right click on the desktop, you should get 'Display Icons' option.

  BIGBAGGY 14:03 30 May 2004

It is rep[orting a fault and saying Windows explorer will have to shut down.

  BIGBAGGY 15:08 30 May 2004

How do I know which have adminpriv. ? and how do I get these?

Is there not a repair tool in WIN X? that will repair the fault?

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