I can't find a symbol in word 2007

  sheila.weston 19:43 14 Nov 2011

Please can someone help me find the symbol which goes under the french word, 'Facon'. It is like a little number five under the 'c', and I can't remember what it is called. Not ampersand?

Many thanks, as always.

  Woolwell 20:01 14 Nov 2011

I think that you want a cedilla try holding the down the alt key and then on the number pad typing 0199 or 0231 for upper and lower case.

Meanwhile I'm looking how to do it another way using symbols.

  Woolwell 20:05 14 Nov 2011

The easier way is to click on the insert tab and then on the ribbon on symbol - select the font that you are using and you should be able to see the cedilla amongst the characters.

  Eric10 22:03 14 Nov 2011

To get the cedilla while typing in Word just hold down the Ctrl key and press the comma key then release Ctrl and type c or Shift+C for a capital.

  Woolwell 22:05 14 Nov 2011

Even easier with Eric10's method.

  sheila.weston 10:29 15 Nov 2011

Success, but it took a while. Using the insert>symbol route and changing the font to what I was using (Cambria) was the easiest. Nut it was OK in Times New Roman, also.

I couldn't get the shortcut to work at first, though. Then I found that one needs to press the number lock before typing the numbers. Pressing alt plus shift didn't work.

Many thanks all. You do a wonderful job, as always.

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