I can't find Linux drivers for my hardware!

  Jonty-comp 13:49 23 Apr 2005

I would like to install Linux on my PC as a dual-boot system with Windows XP but after checking many websites I can't find any drivers for my Gigabyte GA-6WMM7 Motherboard or my Intel 810 chipset, among other things. I wondered if anyone here knew the location of these drivers or if there is a generic driver that will work for all these. Most of my other hardware will work, but i'm not sure about my Celeron II 700Mhz Processor. Any help would be appreciated.

  bremner 14:53 23 Apr 2005

Have you seen this useful site click here

  powerless 15:10 23 Apr 2005

Am I right in assuming that you are thinking you need drivers to hand after Linux has installed?

Well If you install Linux you will more than likely find your mobo will be recognised with no problems.

  octal 16:08 23 Apr 2005

Why not load the Linux Distribution and see if it works? I think you should find it picks up everything OK. You may have a problem with certain peripheral devices like scanners and printers, but should pick everything else up.

  Jonty-comp 17:18 23 Apr 2005

Thanks for your help - I found the linux-drivers.org website very helpful. I am now going to try and install Linux on a spare partition and hopefully everything will be fine!

  octal 17:25 23 Apr 2005

Good luck, let us know how you get on.

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